Frequent questions

How much does it cost to recharge?

Select the amount you wish to top up (in CUC) that will be recharged in the beneficiary's phone number and the amount in USD will automatically appear. Before paying, you will be informed of the total amount of recharge you are sending and the details of any other charge. We only charge 99 cents per recharge, no matter the amount.

Why can not I send a top-up to the phone number I want?

If this happens, you should check that the number is correct.

Where are the data stored on my card?

For security reasons we do not process payments directly. For payments by credit card and debit card, we use the One Payment service. This service is responsible for collecting your card. We neither process nor store your credit card numbers.

What kind of cards can I use?

You can currently use VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.

What can I do if I accidentally sent a recharge to the wrong number?

All transactions are final. Once the recharge is sent to a phone number, it is available for immediate use, so the credit can not be returned or withdrawn. It is for this reason that you must always confirm that the phone number you are entering is correct.

Why is my payment / credit card not accepted?

There are several reasons why your card may not work on our website. The most common is because the bank does not allow us to process your card. In this case you should contact your bank to find out why they do not allow the transaction. We can also limit the number of payment attempts that can be made with your card. Trying it again in a few days can solve this problem.

How long does the reload take and the personal message arrives on the phone?

In a matter of seconds after having made the payment.

Help with my account

Is my account information secure?

All confidential information is kept by our payment processors, who maintain the security of the data under the most stringent requirements of Visa and MasterCard and includes compliance with the PCI. The terms and conditions and the privacy policy, which have been published on the website and which you agreed to when you registered, cover all of our policies with respect to your personal information. This includes that we will not disclose any of your information and we will only use your email address to contact you about Horizontes Grupo services.

Will they charge me again in the future for something I did not remember?

Of course not. We only charge at the time of the transaction (after having entered your card details). There is no tracking of recurring charges or any other type. Before you enter your details we will show you the total amount you will pay. This is the only charge you will see from Horizons Grupo.

What should I do if I see unauthorized Horizontes Grupo charges on my card?

Horizontes Grupo does not have access to the details of customers' credit cards. This information is completely secure. Horizontes Grupo does not apply any unauthorized charge to any account of any client. If you see the unauthorized charges of Horizons Grupo you must contact your bank immediately, since it is likely that your card has been compromised elsewhere. Please also notify Horizontes Grupo for us to take the appropriate measures.

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